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Historic Pensacola East Hill Homes

East Hill's enduring legacy is alive and well.

In the late 1800s, the port of Pensacola became a flourishing hub of trade and commerce. The East Hill area became one of the desired locations for successful business owners and professionals to live. The high ground offered protection from storms, yet it was close to downtown and Pensacola's busy port. Homes of the high quality Artist and Craftsman construction, and those exhibiting Spanish architectural influence, from charming cottages to grand estates, dotted its shady tree-lined streets.

During the mid 1900s the residents of East Hill began to move to new developments and track homes that were being built by the hundreds.

As times and fashions changed, and the population of Pensacola grew, many people once again began to appreciate the individual style and character of the older well-built homes.

Today we find a wonderful blend of people living in East Hill. It encompasses a diverse multicultural community of professionals, artists and tradesmen. People of all ages and walks of life contribute to the eclectic structure of this neighborhood.

Whether you are moving to the area, or have not been to East Hill in years, it is worth a visit. Stop by the City Grocery for a gourmet deli sandwich or wine tasting which occurs every Friday evening. The town landmark of J's Pastry Shop is a treat for desert, and the dogs always love a walk around Bayview Park or a dip in Bayou Texar at the dog park.

East Hill's numerous neighborhood parks invite you to a welcoming community, a remembrance of old Florida, and a place to feel at home.

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